We Today

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We are engineering driven by a constant innovation in our products and technologies to lead in strong connection and cooperations with customers needs and future trends;

have a global footprint presence, develop a global strategy lead by a strong central Management team to be deployed and implemented according to local needs and being flexible to adapt to market demand;

are strategically growing as our history shows a dual grown source: organic, by acquiring market shares in the growing emerging markets, different segments or new technologies, and opportunities by scouting the market in search for potential “business acquisitions“ to further develop our strategy and consolidate our global position;

based our business on continous improvement providing competitive and sustainable advantages for our customers as well as for ourselves;

are passionate and competent People. We build our success on our daily efforts. We learn from our experiences. We are dedicated and committed to keep the premises and to deliver what the different stakeholders, colleagues, customers, shareholders, communities and our families are expecting from us

We are Adler Pelzer Group and we envision our future!