APG Acoustic Symposium

September 18th, 2019 9h00 – 17h15
RuhrCongress Bochum – Stadionring 20, 44791 Bochum – Germany

Come to hear the latest development in automotive acoustics, especially the new approaches needed for optimising acoustics of New Energy Vehicles.

How to master newly appearing noise sources with different focus on some parts for acoustic treatment, e.g., accessories, aero noises, tires, beside of course e-motors.

How new simulation techniques can contribute reaching the target quicker and more efficiently, either at early car architecture stage or at later component optimisation, and open new doors like aeroacoustics.

Which learnings from NEVs help to optimise further the acoustics of ICE’s car.

Enlarge your insight on the industry transformation pace by enriching networking opportunities, meeting the experts of automotive acoustics.

Topic Speaker Organisation
Acoustic evolution into automotive P. Bonfiglio Materiacustica (I)
A sonic environment for future cabins N. Prodi Ferrara University (I)
How many materials one needs to predict the acoustical properties of porous material accurately? K. Horoshenkov Sheffield University (UK)
Future stakes of tyre noise F. Becot Matelys (F)
Meta-materials for 3D vibration and noise suppression L. D`Alessandro Phononic-Vibes (I)
Active Noise Cancellation for EVs in practice N. Zafeiropoulos Silentium Ltd. (D)
Final drive noise: experimental and numerical approach to investigate the paths from Gearbox to Cabin F. Naclerio Ferrari (I)
Tyre-Wheel-Cavity models for vehicle interior noise optimization F. Lohr Michelin (F)
Integration of airborne acoustic transfer path techniques into digital prototype strategy S. Noble Bentley (UK)
Intake noise refinement for the new McLaren GT D. Palmieri McLaren (UK)
R51 phase 3 regulations – beyond the 7,5 m microphone – a global approach T. Antoine Renault (F)
Propagation of boundary and geometrical uncertainties for the aeroacoustics analysis of a side mirror E. Minisci
F. Gallizio
University of Strathclyde (UK)
Optimad (I)
Technologies for Noise & Vibration reduction in the Automotive and Aerospace fields: some CIRA experiences M. Barbarino
G. Diodati
Analysis of the challenges of sound package definition for electric vehicles using SEA analysis A. Caillet ESI (D)
Beamforming Technique in Pininfarina Wind Tunnel A. Bianco Pininfarina (I)
A new perspective in porous material modelling and optimization for vibro-acoustical applications F. Pompoli Ferrara University (I)