Our Continuous Improvement Principle

Our Continuous Improvement Principle

Managers are familiar with the principles of lean production, quality and safety, and they demonstrate these principles through example. We regularly apply the most recent best approach to every activity, until we find a preferable one. Continuous improvement is the way to achieve better results on a daily basis.

We detect problems immediately at the point of origin and systematically correct them, improving our processes and products by reducing work or process flaws, standardising the processes, whilst continuously empowering people.

Our Adler Pelzer Production System (APPS)

This integrated management system – APPS which covers quality, environmental protection, health and occupational safety, production and supply chain enables us to realise our work successfully to achieve our overall objectives.

We apply lean approach to produce exactly what is needed at just the right time, with prevention of the waste of natural resources and human effort, hazards and risks.

Objectives and measures are permanently oriented towards achieving the company’s overall objectives. Strengths and weaknesses, implementation, efficacy and efficiency are identified and improvement measures are revised periodically within the organisational units.