• Materials


We base our product development on material selection, combinations and improvement.
Our expertise in the properties of materials supports our verticalisation strategy.
We care for the environment by minimising material consumption, reutilising each and every scrap and adopting a sustainable recycling strategy.


Our processes, equipment, and production media are designed to optimise Product Quality, Reliability and Efficiency.
We design and build our own equipment to produce our key technologies.
We use the same equipment worldwide to guarantee our clients the same product performance across the globe.


Our products represent the answers to growing market demands for lighter solutions in a combination of materials capable of improving acoustic behaviour, while satisfying the most demanding customers, as well as legislative demands (temperature and fire resistance, not to mention environmental objectives) and integrating more functions inside their structure. The range is vast, since they are installed in very different parts of the vehicle, from the engine and passenger compartment, including trunk and exterior and not to mention novel solutions for chassis in carbon fibres, fulfilling very different missions but keeping the innovative spirit of the Adler Pelzer Group, in order to ensure customer satisfaction and end user comfort and safety!
These solutions, for Premium/Racing Cars and Aerospace customers, represent our proactive answer to increasing requests in terms of structural, lightweight, aesthetic “carbon looking” applications and functionally integrated parts with production technologies that respond to demands.


Our mission is to provide our customer with a competitive advantage in acoustic component development using our advanced mathematical methods and detailed understanding of the physics of materials. To reach our scope, we use our self-developed software, which is bringing the most innovative and effective solutions in “acoustic prediction“.
Applying our methodologies, we can reduce time-to-market for new programs, improve acoustic comfort, and reduce weight in new and current programs, offering innovative solutions for upcoming new specifications or governmental regulations.


We generate ideas to develop innovations, working within a network of specialists. Universities, Research Centres, Customers and Suppliers are our partners in each of our advanced activities.
We pre-develop our innovation and select the highest potential.
We complete development and fully validate our innovative solutions.
We exploit and disseminate our findings to the market.