A paradigm for the culture and nature of our company is our approach towards innovation and the profitable implementation of our ideas.
These ideas derive from our teams, our partners, and our customers. We are constantly running at a high-speed pace, thanks to our innovative soul, irrespective of where ideas come from or where they aim at (products, processes, services, etc).
Product development and innovation are our entire company concern.
Everyone contributes to generating ideas and focuses on improving products and processes or creating new ones – reducing waste and contributing to a better use of resources, cooperating with the best in their class (in Academia, Supply Park, teams of excellence wherever they can be). We truly engage with our customers in providing them with alternative solutions – often through their own input – while aiming at creating value, also starting from novel material concepts and using innovative, tested tools. Our guidelines work towards improving comfort in vehicles (via acoustic and thermal management), reducing the weight of the vehicle and increasing its functionality, as well as ad hoc value-added contents, while always paying great attention towards environment and sustainability.