CIM – Compounding Injection Moulding – is our own patented process for compounding and injecting a thermoplastic compound into a tool cavity in the easiest, least expensive and fastest way possible. Starting from polymers, additives and fillers used as raw material, we obtain a component. The advantage of this technology to the end user is that we can manage the best combination with regard to performance and weight. We are able to save many kilograms per component as compared to previous technologies. All the components are fully recyclable.

HMPHot Moulding Process – is a process that manages fibrous materials. Flocking the fibres directly onto the form that reproduces our part, we can deliver the fibres exactly where we need them and in the amount required. The result is a component with an homogeneous density even if with a rather thick spread . This result yields the highest acoustic performance at the lowest weight. All HMP components contain a minimum of 80% in weight of recycled materials and can be fully recycled to produce similar or new components.

Composites. Our present composite technology represents APG rationale answers to market requests for a (reasonably) simple production method, capable of serving low-medium volume customers with high performance requests, often with a combined demand for a simple, cost effective, and innovative solution. Today, we employ hand layup pre-preg autoclaves and press technology for high performance complex parts (currently in production) and at the same time, we are beginning to introduce “thermoplastic composites”. Our tech approach also involves sophisticated quality controls, in order to ensure that our parts are reliable and their mission is achieved (i.e. non-destructive ultrasonic testing).