• Absorbing or insulating “acoustic energy” in the engine compartment means reducing this energy at its source : maximising the result with the lowest effort in material consumption. We use the lightest solutions conventionally applied, (for example to the bonnet or the outer dash) in order to achieve superior acoustic behaviour and a very high non-flammability rate. We cooperate with our customers to expand the application of engine encapsulation, so as to further improve the acoustic performance, weight, and cost ratio and, at same time, reduce fuel consumption and consequently, emissions thanks to the additional thermal insulation benefit of this solution.
  • Carpets, headliners, premium interiors including cockpit and door panels and also VIP helicopter interiors. These are several of the products we produce, which offer the end user the highest comfort, optics and haptics. For our Group, the passenger compartment also means improving acoustic comfort: fibrous materials, expanded polymers, and mineral filled polymeric sheets are combined to achieve the best performance along with the lowest weight possible. Our targets are to put our maximum effort into caring for the environment through the highest content of recycled raw materials, full recyclability of our products at their end-of-life cycle, and zero pollution in the passenger compartment, as well as in our manufacturing processes.
  • Recently, trunk compartments have undergone an important evolution. They have become an important part of the vehicle, thanks to developments in SUV models. We offer very interesting solutions, combining a light weight with optic and acoustic comfort. Light composite, sandwich structures reinforced with glass fibres or recycled carbon fibres, along with the highest quality in surface materials with our Tufted, Simlour or Diluor solutions, multilayer substrate constructions that offer sturdiness without reducing acoustic benefits. Our verticalisation approach in materials and processes lead us towards the possibility of offering fully dedicated, platform solutions.
  • The exterior components, such as under engine shields, under body shields, or wheel arch liners, have the function of reducing noise transmission from many external sources including tyres, road noise and aerodynamics in the passenger compartment, while also reducing noise transmission from the engine to the external environment. Some also have the function of improving aerodynamic performance, therefore reducing fuel consumption.
    Noise reduction in the city, or on the highway, is one of the objectives that Governments and Institutions aim to achieve. New regulations are underway with a step-by-step plans to reduce noise pollution.
    Our new solutions for exterior components are creating a very important support towards achieving these new challenging objectives, while also creating a great benefit when it comes to improving passenger comfort.