We Today

We are engineering driven by a constant innovation in our products and technologies to lead in strong connection and cooperations with customers needs and future trends.

We have a global footprint presence, develop a global strategy lead by a strong central management team to be deployed and implemented according to local needs and being flexible to adapt to market demand.

We are strategically growing as our history shows a dual grown source: organic, by acquiring market shares in the growing emerging markets, different segments or new technologies, and opportunities by scouting the market in search for potential “business acquisitions“ to further develop our strategy and consolidate our global position.

We based our business on continous improvement providing competitive and sustainable advantages for our customers as well as for ourselves.

We are passionate and competent People. We build our success on our daily efforts. We learn from our experiences. We are dedicated and committed to keep the premises and to deliver what the different stakeholders, colleagues, customers, shareholders, communities and our families are expecting from us.

We are Adler Pelzer Group.

Our History

Ours is a story of people and families that around the 1960s, decided to start their respective journeys in the automotive industry. The entrepreneurial spirit of the founders was and still is, one of the cornerstones of what we, at the Adler Pelzer Group, are today.

We are proud to continue this story and to build the foundations for a brighter future for generations to come.

We are the Adler Pelzer Group, a worldwide leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing of acoustical and thermal components and systems for the automotive sector.
We deliver acoustic performance and increase thermal efficiency, in order to achieve the best in comfort for the vehicles of our customers.

People & Development

With over 15,000 individuals in 23 countries worldwide, we are a global “family” company. We believe to be the right company for those who wish to have a proactive part in their career development. Being proactive meets the entrepreneurial spirit that is present throughout the company. We will expose you to various aspects that will assist you in quickly developing expertise and building the foundations of the behaviour we expect you to have, which will fit within our company culture. We have programs for young graduates that aim at enhancing knowledge and skills, through job rotations in different regions and in diversified roles, at the levels we require and in ways you cannot image. We will quickly ask you to take your position, make decisions, and make it possible!

With us, you will not be able to hide in a corner, since you will be a front person, whatever or wherever your role may be.
Nothing is perfect, and we still have some improvements to make! This is why we need energetic people who wish to leave a sign of their presence in the company.
We built our own success on knowledge, flexibility, and behavioural alignment, reacting fast towards the “unexpected” and being proactive, in order to prevent the unpredictable.

We expect even more from you!
We expect you to be unconventional, think out of the box and be able to envision yourself in the future, since no one knows you better than yourself!
We offer you a place where to grow rapidly and show what you are capable of, first to yourself and consequently to us, as well.
If you believe that this is what you’re seeking, think twice before you apply for one of our open positions or for the young graduate program because we promise you it will be one hell of a ride!

You will be welcome here!

We are APG. We help you to envision our future!


The Adler Pelzer Group cooperates with a global network of top-class suppliers and business partners, ranging from premium and highly specialised local companies, to well established multinational enterprises.

Each day, we purchase 2.5 Million Euros of raw materials, machinery, specialised equipment, tools and moulds, utilities and services through a global purchasing organisation present in all continents.

We constantly scout for new talented companies, capable of excelling in quality, service, and market competitiveness, while also willing to become our suppliers.


Our Customers are part of us! We consider our customers as partners, as they challenge us with their needs we do the same with our innovative thinking. We grow together.

We have a different approach towards each customer as their needs are different. From a build-to-print or a co-development or pre-development partner, our dedicated global teams are proactive to serve our customers worldwide. Driven by our global sales network and dedicated regional teams, we are able to support our customers at all levels, in all locations.

We have deployed our “State of the art” Product Development Process (PDP) across all regions to ensure our development projects are guided in a consistent and professional manner. PDP has been developed to adhere to APQP requirements and adapted to encompass individual customer needs around the globe.