Mission & Vision

We do business differently!

We will grow intelligently, profitably and in a socially and environmentally friendly manner
We will be true to our historical and family based roots, which allow us to support each other in a collaborative and unique manner, makes us what we are. We want to be the global leader in our field of business, providing integrated and innovative solutions, working in partnership with our customers.


Our Entrepreneural spirit
We take responsibility for what we do.
We tackle each and every issue as if our company was our own.
We are passionate about what we do, simply because we enjoy it.
We are a proactive part of our vision towards the future.


Innovative thinking
We aim towards being a leader in our field.
We tend to create trends.
We push for changing the paradigm. Envisioning is our first step towards doing this.
We see innovation as the door towards our future.


Believe, it is possible
We ask ourselves to believe in ourselves, since this is our way of achieving what others deem “impossible“.
We never give up, since others count on us and we strive to make it possible.
We allow ourselves to make mistakes, since this is the only way to grow based on what we learn from these experiences.


Fast execution
We are fast in executing the decisions reached, since this is essential for our business results.
We are energetic. It is part of our DNA. We “talk the walk”.


Engineering driven
We strive for technological excellence.
We think process and are passionate towards our products.
We deliver solutions.


Customer oriented
We consider our customer to be a part of us, since they are partners for our growth.
We maximise our value chain, in order to streamline it with our products, for us, as well as for our customers.


Meeting objectives, delivering the future
We are trustworthy in meeting our objectives.
We ask ourselves to constantly challenge our own performance.
Envisioning and delivering is our virtuous circle.




Corporate Social Responsibility

Having people at the centre of our interest, our Corporate Social Responsibility is built around them.

The five dimensions built around them are:

We are committed for zero accident target and for safety and labour conditions as you will expect to find where members of our own family work.

Our Code of Ethical Conduct reflects our commitment to:

  • focus on managing areas with ethical risks;
  • provide guidance to staff to help recognise and deal with ethical issues;
  • help maintain a culture of integrity, honesty, and responsibility within  the Company

We operate considering the full scope of our “impact” on communities, to contribute to a better society where integrating social concerns into our business way of doing.

Contributing to the economic development of our people means also creating a sustainable and improvable future for the respective community where we are living. We are committed to pay our people at the market industries benchmarks, to provide training and improve their competences for us as a company and for them as individuals. Preserving a sustainable profit allow us to continue competing in the market we operate, having the funds to be invested in creating the vision of our company and communities future.

Our goal is to develop processes and solutions that allow us to use zero or low impact materials, reduce the use of energy, minimize waste and make recycling sustainable. Our R&D people are caring to maximize vertical integration in our process to manage at best the recycling process for all steps of it. Making it sustainable allow us to make further steps to a zero waste and as less as possible virgin fibers use, to minimize our environmental impact on our own land.

We are committed to always respecting and, when possible voluntary anticipating, all governmental rules and laws as also every customer specifications in a long term sustainable perspective.
Making it possible is the step to build our vision to the future.


The Adler Pelzer Group’s Corporate Policy for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment will be made available to you on request by email to Adler Pelzer Group Corporate Communications.
email: communications(at)adlerpelzer.com


Adler Pelzer Group - UK recognises that modern slavery and human trafficking are significant global issues presenting a challenge for businesses worldwide.

Read our policy (PDF Download)


Whistleblowing is the term used when an employee passes on information concerning wrongdoing. This policy sets out the investigation process and safeguarding of our employees.

Any concern may be raised via the Adler Pelzer Group Corporate Website - Whistleblowing Policy.

Read Whistleblowing Policy (PDF Download)