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The acquisitions of STS and Faurecia AST strengthen our product and innovation portfolios, with enhanced integration and sustainability capabilities, for a new era of soft and hard trim performance in the automotive sector.

Acting at the forefront of car acoustics – APG is revolutionizing the automotive future. The automotive industry is right now going through stimulating times of change. The 4 letters “CASE” summarize its features: Connected Car, Autonomous Driving, Car Sharing, Electric Drive. The Adler Pelzer Group with its innovative spirit and strong NVH engineering knowledge has been positioned at the forefront of New Energy Vehicles right from the start.

HMPtex is the unique APG technology to produce an integrated floor carpet with dilourcarpet surface and insulation backing.

FLUREtex is APGs unique diloursurface carpet for the automotive interior with a special fibresurface treatment that allows for an improved water and water based fluids repellency and a short drying time of the carpet.

SMARTcargo system is the unique APG folding mechanism for the trunk compartment in the vehicle interior.