At the Adler Pelzer Group Acoustic Symposium, experts exchange about future automotive acoustics

More than 90 experts in automotive acoustics met at the RuhrCongress in Bochum, Germany on September 18th on Adler Pelzer Group initiative. Half of the participants were belonging to car makers and Tier 1 suppliers, another fourth were coming from Universities or Research Institutions.

The full day program on automotive acoustics showcased solutions and innovations needed to take up new challenges in current time of changes. The 3 sessions focused on the impact from new customer behaviours and their expectations, but also of new car technology (electrification, autonomous drive), with answers from best practices of real cases, meta-materials and advanced simulation tools.

The event laid the foundation of an active expert community committed to contribute to the future of automotive. The community will regularly interact by focused groups around main topics, like pass-by noise, tire noise, porous material, simulation, new noise sources, sound quality. The team will meet again in ca. 2 years, measuring the progress and adapting to the change of environment.

Contact: Adler Pelzer Holding GmbH
Frédéric Thébaud, Communications, +49 173 290 34 08