Adler Pelzer Group launches EVO, the solution for New Energy Vehicle acoustics

Customers’ expectations from the acoustic comfort of a New Energy Vehicle (NEV) are far higher than that of a traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). E-motors have a different noise characteristic than ICEs, consequently, noises that were previously masked by that of the ICE become clearly audible, much to the discomfort of the user.

Adler Pelzer Group (APG) has 50 years of automotive acoustic experience and has been deeply involved in their development since their inception. APG have provided full system engineering and NVH package supply to customers such as Tesla.
APG technology has redefined the methods for the development of NEV acoustics, this approach is called “EVO” and encompasses the EVOlution of automotive acoustics.EVO consists of three intertwined elements:

1. Special NVH parts
Experience with NEV shows which parts to simplify or remove (damping sheets, mass barriers), which ones to optimize (carpets, fenders), and which ones to create new for NEV specific needs (e-motor & accessories encapsulation, sealings).

2. Materials tuned to EV needs
For different sound and frequency levels, temperature of use and thermal insulation function, APG have developed state-of-the-art material technologies which not only target these problems but also have a friendly environmental footprint. Examples of these are e-LEVEpur, e-HMP, e-LEVEcell.

3. Specific simulation toolbox, GENOME
It allows APG engineers to understand the needs of an NEV. It contains all our knowledge of a vehicle’s Acoustic DNA and can aid in the optimisation of the NVH package. Noise is tracked through its evolutions from creation to the cabin. During the design phase, ICEs can be substituted with e-motors using our morphing technology.

“EVO is a landmark in Adler Pelzer Group innovation for automotive acoustics.It is the result of our broad experience in NEV acoustics which has been gained through hard work, perseverance and ultimately, the trust of our customers”, commented Pietro Lardini, CEO of Adler Pelzer Group.

Contact: Adler Pelzer Holding GmbH
Frédéric Thébaud, Communications, +49 173 290 34 08