Adler Pelzer Group doubles the size of its facility in Port Huron, Michigan, USA

Adler Pelzer Group, a worldwide leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of acoustic and thermal components & systems for automotive, celebrated the opening of an additional production facility on 21th of March in Port Huron, Michigan, USA, with customers, suppliers and employees, and in presence of Paolo Scudieri, Chairman of the Adler Group.

The 89,000sq.ft. additional building (8,300sqm) nearly doubles the surface of existing production halls in the immediate vicinity, opened in 1995 and 2005. It uses latest digital production control (“Industry 4.0”) which Adler Pelzer Group is gradually deploying to all locations, allowing constant productivity improvement and lower impact on the environment.

Among others, the new hall hosts the latest “CIM” technology, Compound Injection Molding. CIM allows selective material distribution for an optimal acoustic efficiency in vehicle dash silencer parts and has rapidly grown in popularity among car makers.

The new site takes profits of common team and knowledge, like support functions, back office and management, to ensure a smooth start and an efficient production. “Grouping our plants with similar technologies in so-called “clusters” grows the competence of our teams and ensures quicker implementation of best practices across locations. This way, we further develop the strength of our human capital, serve better our customers and foster the growth of our company”, said the CEO of the Adler Pelzer Group, Pietro Lardini.

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