Adler Pelzer Group acquires a substantial share of the remaining activities of STS Group, the Plastics Solution business

The reference shareholders of Adler Pelzer Group are fully trusting the continuous development of mobility for people and goods, and remain committed to its industry, Cars, Vans and Heavy Trucks

Adler Pelzer Group has been developing its business focused on automotive Acoustics and Soft Trims, in interior and exterior, doubling its size by organic and inorganic growth in less than 10 years. Today, capitalizing on this position and restating the trust in automotive, Adler Pelzer Group announces the investment in a second leg of activity, Hard Trims, with the acquisition from Mutares of 73,25% shares of the listed company STS Group, besides the Acoustics already integrated in November 2020.

The business is today located mainly in Europe, China and Mexico, with a development opportunity in the USA, employing 1 870 collaborators for a turn-over of 250M€ in 2019, excluding the Acoustic business already disposed. The products, body and structural parts made of plastics and composites, painted or not, are delivered as single parts or as subassemblies today mainly to Heavy Truck OEMs, and growingly to Car OEMs, as the technology and the processes are well adapted to smaller series like New Energy Vehicles. Moreover, natural synergies between Soft and Hard trim will be tapped in, between others in the domain of exterior noise with growing regulatory framework, requiring innovative and efficient solutions.

Adler Pelzer Group will run the Acoustics and the Hard Trims businesses as separate Divisions, with dedicated teams and structures responsible for respective daily operations, financial results and optimization. A few Hard Trims businesses in APG today will be reallocated to the new division (mainly in Mercosur and Europe). Synergies in automotive market understanding and strategy, in Global Customer management, in all central functions incl. knowledge of process efficiency (Press Moulding, Injection Moulding) and raw material purchasing (polyolefins and Glass Fibre), as well as in back-offices, will allow to derive value for the market.

The deal is conditioned to clearance by relevant merger control authorities, as well as to other specific covenants agreed between buyer and seller. “The Adler Pelzer Group takes a further step for growth with the integration of Hard Trims to be combined to our competence in Soft Trim and Acoustics” commented Pietro Lardini, CEO of Adler Pelzer Group.

Adler Pelzer Group
Frédéric Thébaud,

Adler Pelzer Group is a worldwide leader in design, engineering and manufacturing of acoustic and thermal components & systems for the automotive sector. With key value-added activities in-house, we deliver components optimizing acoustic performance and increasing thermal efficiency of vehicles. We engineer products to each specific vehicle need of our customers. Headquartered in Hagen, Germany, we have built a network of manufacturing plants, research and design facilities close to the main automotive hubs in the major geographic regions, in more than 80 locations with over 11,000 employees worldwide and sales of 1.4bn€ in 2019. – Envisioning the future