“Superior Performance Award” in Cost Management

Adler Pelzer Group (APG) is proud to have been awarded by Toyota Europe the “Superior Performance Award” in Cost Management for “Cost Competitiveness”, one out of the three categories besides Value Analysis and Smart Standard Activity.

APG thanks Toyota Europe to have been allowed to work “hand-in-hand” in a constructive way on innovation and advanced development, while promoting the best quality at a competitive cost level. The award is a recognition and a strong motivation to all to pursue collaboration, successfully started in 2018/2019 with VA/VE (Value Added/Value Engineered). Initial activities in Russia resulted already in the implementation of a set of ideas on Camry and further actions are ongoing to improve future projects in the further localization activities between both companies.

APG looks forward to the continuing fruitful collaboration, with the pride to serve as a supplier to the Toyota Company.

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