Adler Pelzer Group opens its latest facility with Industry 4.0 production systems in Bratislava, Slovakia

Adler Pelzer Group, a worldwide leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of acoustic and thermal components & systems for automotive, celebrated the opening of its latest production facility on 19th of June in Devínská Nová Ves, in the vicinity of Bratislava, Slovakia, with customers, suppliers and employees, and in presence of Paolo Scudieri, Chairman of the Adler Group.

The 11,700sqm new building contains already serial production with up-to-date process technology, including “CIM”, Compound Injection Molding. CIM allows selective material distribution for an optimal acoustic efficiency in vehicle dash silencer parts and has rapidly grown in popularity among OEMs. A carpet molding line is also ready to start production, integrating latest process improvements thanks to an in-house machinery development. Extension of product range is in progress, including light weight foam.

All installed machinery integrates “Industry 4.0” remote monitoring, recording of machine status and production parameters, putting the plant on the path for improved productivity and efficiency, enabling lower impact on the environment.

The facility delivers parts Just In Time to the premium VW-Group cars assembled nearby and produces for Daimler in Germany as well. Production for other customers in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary will start within the next months. A development plan of additional 5,000sqm to reach 400 employees will be realized in 2018.

“Our strength is our human capital,” said the CEO of the Adler Pelzer Group, Pietro Lardini, “women and men who have allowed us to reach important goals. Setting up the Bratislava factory has been very fast, thanks to the commitment of those who believe in the growth of the company and to the support of our customers”.